Joseph Steshyn Political Science/Sociology student

My mother and I outside the Democratic Primary Debate in Charleston South Carolina.

Joseph Andrew Steshyn is my full name, I was named after my grandfather and hope to maybe one day name my own kid Joseph. As of now I am working towards my AA at Santa Fe College as a Sociology/Political Science double-major student. Outside of school, I spend most of my time with my dogs, with my friends, working out, volunteering, and going to work. I love to rock and heavy metal music as well as watching football, playing soccer, and longboarding as much as possible. Other than having fun, I really try my best to becoming a smarter individual, even when I don't find the learning process as much fun. But in the long run I hope that all my efforts of being a friendly and smarter person will resonate when I'm older so that when I plan to run for a political office, people will see an honest and authentic individual.

I-Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

For the past year and a half I've been working and volunteering for presidential campaigns so that sometime in the future i'll have the knowledge and experience to run my own . My volunteer efforts even included creating a political club in high school to get students involved and engaged within the political process. I also established an Alachua county phone bank to help get voices out across the country. It is my short term goal to earn my bachelors in Sociology and Political science and attending Law school afterwards. The idea is that I can have experience in the field of law then moving towards starting political career. The odds that I change my career goals and switch to another field of study is very probable. But ironically, that's what I find most exciting, is the uncertainty of my future. In response I plan to just continue working hard in my perquisite major classes and keep an open mind to the possibilities of anything! If given the chance to become something significant within politics or a law firm, my main focus will be to helping people and demonstrating good in the world. Many people see politicians as less than people(which I can't argue) and my hope is that I can lead by example and prove that not everyone in government is crooked or apathetic towards the needs of others. As a result, I am not concerned over the pay being made, what matters to me most is that I am standing by my hope for honest government and combating hypocrisy and dishonesty.

White Americans standing with African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement

One of the most meaningful quotes I try to live by is from Mahatma Gandhi, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world. " Gandhi was a peaceful activist, who helped lead India to it's independence and proved the world that violence doesn't have to be an answer. His quote always spoke to me because with just a few words, he was able to emphasize the need for people to set up to the call to action. No matter how difficult things may seem, the importance of participation is crucial. If someone wants change to occur, they must be willing to stand up and do something about it and then lead by example. The world would be a much better place if everyone devoted their lives to this quote.

This particular Ted Talk really hits in my heart. Not so much this exact video but the speakers message. The crisis that is Climate Change is very real and very scary to me and it seems as if the world believes someone other ourselves will save us from it. This act of procrastinating efforts to combat Climate Change is simply a mixture of global ignorance and laziness. It is a prime example that waiting until the last minute to do anything will always be the easy route but also the most dangerous route. And when people become so accustomed to this bad habit, it becomes second nature and people begin to procrastinate everything anything they deem challenging or uncomfortable. As a result, real world problems like Climate Change aren't taken seriously and have become ignored. The message that sticks to me the most is the concept that not everything will be easy, but we cannot push those tough things aside until it hurts others. That way of thinking is narrow minded and makes others believe that demonstrating incompetence on a serious matter is acceptable.

Beautiful Asian landscape

One of my life long goals before I die is to visit as many corners of this planet as possible. Understandably, the concept of touring every country is unreasonable but I can most certainly visit the continents. Which makes me ecstatic as I get to begin my checking Asia off my list as I will be taking a trip to China this coming summer in 2017. I will be visiting the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, and the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum. I am beyond excited to experience Chinese culture and visit it's beautiful landscape. China is practically another world since it's across the globe from Florida. Therefore, no matter how well the trip goes, due to the experiences I'll have and the memories I make, my journey to China will be life changing.

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