Brown V.S Board of Education By arely romero and kaleah walker

Started in 1952, and ended in 1957. Originated in Topeka, Kansas and later over four different states including: Virginia, Delaware ,South Carolina, and Maryland

Linda Brown and her little sister had to take a very dangerous road to get to school everyday. There was a school nearby, but that school was only of white children.

Side One: Linda Browns family took the case to court saying segregated schools violated the 14th amendment.
The 14th amendment states that you cannot take away basic rights from the people based on race,such as going to school.
Side Two: Ferguson's case was that the court had already ruled that segregated schools were constitutional and they shouldn't change anything.

The Supreme Court concluded that segregated schools may be mentally harmful to black children. They also said that any state segregating schools would be violating the 14th amendment.

What was the after effect: It helped stop treating black african americans differently.

All children were separated by the color of their skin but the black schools got a lot less money and the parents of the black children got upset that the schools had been learn almost the same things so why did schools have to be so separate if everything was some what the same. This made the parents go to court saying that this is against the 14th amendment since both schools were so similar the court said that it would be fine if black children to go to school with the other white children in school and that is what we have today many different children of many different skin tones can go to school together and learn.


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