In the city of bikes

August 2019

“The Dutch life is beautifully attuned to the deliberate pace of bicycle riding. It has the same calm and slow rhythm which allows the Hollander time off for coffee in the middle of the morning, for tea in the afternoon, and tea again in the evening. . . . To a Dutchman a bicycle becomes a matter of individual expression, almost a part of the body, controlled subconsciously and leaving him free to meditation. There is no noise, no smell of gasoline, so he can notice little things like birds and flowers, which the auto-mobilized American leaves in the roar and dust.”

― Pete Jordan, In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist

Dr. Robert L. Bertini

Alayna Delgado

Daniel Puyo paredes

Tobias Coon

Tanya Childress

Connor macdonald

Corbin Kramer

Kieran Basheer

Heather Holm

ANDI Szikszay

Danya Lazarus

Ellie Williams

Zach Foltz

Spencer Barnitz

Elizabeth Putnam

Yasmin Cortez


Juan Velasquez

Interested in learning about sustainable multimodal transportation and creating a truly livable community? Join us for USF in the Netherlands: Sustainable Urban Mobility. Immerse yourself in the Netherlands, based in the university city of Delft, for this two-week course and experience first-hand how the pedestrian, bicycle, public transportation, water and auto modes can work together to create sustainable urban mobility.

Hosted by the Delft University of Technology Transport & Planning and Smart Public Transport Lab, students will meet with planners, engineers, politicians and thought-leaders, conduct joint research with Dutch graduate students, and cycle in urban, suburban and rural settings. Learn how to bring Dutch planning and engineering solutions home to your community.


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