Coco Chanel Brianna allman

Coco Chanel's dresses, fragrances and her.

Chanel loved shades of beige and black.She foucused on her little black dress after she got her first shop in Paris.Her fragrances are very popular today and so are some of her designs of clothes.There are advertiments and commercials on tv.We use her fragrances today like Chanel Paris.A lot of the fragrances are very expensive at least up to 300 dollars.

Coco Chanel was a very important part of our history.She was born in August 19th, 1883 France, Paris.She was in an orphanage and learned her study's from there.Hanel was known for her life long determination, ambition and energy.She achieved both financial success and buisness woman.Chanel is the founder of Chanel Brand.Chanel was famous for her little black dresses that she made through collections.When she was 18 she left the orphanage, and took up work for a tailor.

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