Lithuania & Other countries in a nutshell

In the beginning of the last year I have tried for the second time to get an invitation to do an internship abroad. I have sent emails for couples of university publishers. No one have answered my e-mails, except the "Vilnius Gediminias Technical Universitetas" Publisher. So, after much dialog, I wrote the project and it was approved by Unicamp (VRERI). So, I received money to travel and stay 1 month working in Vilnius, the actual capital of this far away land, an old big empire called Lithuania. But, this was only the begin of this adventure...

Amsterdam´s connection

I have took a flight with a one day connection in Amsterdam, to minimal know the city. And it was a very good idea. In an afternoon I got to go to some beautiful places, walk around central neighbors and visit the Van Gogh Museum´s. At night I got to hang out by "red light" neighbor, have a drink in an coffee shop before sleep to take the flight to Vilnius.

Amsterdam is the amazing capital of Nederlands, with many channels and bicycles around the city.

Vilnius, a little hard beginning

My Lithuanian host, Irma Cizauskaite, met me at the airport and let me in the hostel that wold be my new home by a month, at least was what I have thought. During the first week, however, I realized the place was not a hostel, but a big boardinghouse for Russian workers with very dirty bedrooms. Feeling alone and disgusting, I decided to move to another place.

At the work, however, everything was fine. I was very welcome by my new colleagues, fifteen women and two men working to publish the VGTU books. Despite the serious and closed Lithuanian personality, they was always kind and very helpful to me. I got a ride to go and get back to work with one of the women and tips to interesting things in the city. I walked a lot, knew good vegetarian restaurants and some friends of Irma. In my birthday, I got a date by Tinder and it was very cool. :)

To a capital, Vilnius is a little city that I met in his beautiful autumn. The cold and and different food was also little difficulties at the beginning. The big old tow would be my new home since the second week.

A very productive month

Work and live in a place where you don´t know the language was new to me. I stayed in my workstation understanding nothing the people talked. But, this was, at the same time, very good to concentrate at work. During this month I have made much more things that I use to do in Brazil. The first work asked to me was a photo exhibition with my VGTU campi picture´s. And, beyond this work I have made a graphic manual to the principal report of the university a cover book, posters to the Publisher an and other little things.

Pictures of VGTU campi to an exhibition

Posters to seel the publisher books

Photo exhibition

Graphic manual for the VGTU´s annual report

A cover book

A fast trip to Warsow

Since I have started to planning the travel I searched for graphic design events related to Poster´s Poland school. To my great luck, it will have been happening the 25th International Poster Bienal on the Poland´s capital, Warsow. So I invited Irma to go with me and she accepted my invite and invited also her friend, Kristina, from Kaunas, to this weekend on the neighbor country. Beyond the Biennal, which was amazing, we did an interesting free-tour around the city which was occupied by the Nazis as well the Soviets army's .

An amazing weekend with great company on the Poland capital, Warsow.
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