Pop Art Pop Art is an art form based on Pop Culture and the mass media, Pop art beGan in the 1950's

The main reason this movement existed was to bring a more expressive art form on the scene, It got popular because it was so abstract and so against the normality of art at the time.

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Jasper Johns are 4 famous pop artists who formed the movement of pop art.

The characteristics that make pop art distinct is the abstract colors and opposite blend, this color form makes the art pop off the paper.

It is called Pop art because the image appears to pop off the paper because it's so abstract and elevates the elements.

I picked Pop Art for my project because it was the thing I had the most knowledge about, Pop art is a very expressive form of art and it is very relatable to, that's why I picked Pop Art.

Women and Comics were commonly drawn in Pop Art form, Pop Art is a common art form in comic books because you it expresses more emotion.

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