Hispanic Americans by:Adriana Perales

They would refuse to serve other people besides white's

People could not eat or even go to places because they were a different race. People were making they leave if they came in or make then go somewhere else because they were a different race.

The Hispanic Americans lived in these kinds of house

Hispanic Americans were not living in nice house they were living in what they can make. They would build there house by there self's because they didn't have the money or they didn't have money to give to the people that would build it for them. So they built it by there self's

tons of people being forced to leave America

tons of people are being forced in to leaving to United States because they are a different race. Tons of people are trying to stay in the Untied States but they are put tons of people of air plains and whatever they can get they back to where they came from all because they aren't the same race.

this is a family that is Hispanic

When people were Hispanic they had really big family such as the picture in the picture there is 3 girls and 3 boys they had so many kids so they can sell they to get money for food or other things for there self's and they will continue to have kids to make money off of them.

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