Convergent Boundary by:laila long

Plate Motion

it forms when two plates collide.


The denser plate sinking below the more buoyant plate


Deep ocean trenches are created when oceanic and continental plates collide.

Real World Event/Disaster

in occurred on 26 January 1700 Juan de Fuca oceanic plate is subducting beneath the westward moving North American continental plate. The Cascade Mountain Range is a line of volcanoes above the melting oceanic plate.

Divergent Boundary

Plate motion

they are separating and going the opposite direction


they create an Mid-ocean ridge on the ocean floor

Land forms

rifts valley on continents

Real World Event/Disasters

A strong earthquake rattled East Africa on December 5, 2005. Measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale, the earthquake was centered under Lake Tanganyika, the oldest and deepest of the Rift Valley lakes, and was felt as far away as Nairobi, the capital of Kenya some 975 kilometers (600 miles) from the epicenter.

Transform Boundaries

Plate motion

they slide horizontally past each other.


sometimes when the tectonic plates slide past each other


they get stuck and stress builds up

giant earthquake will strike California this summer. Skyscrapers will topple, the Hoover Dam will crumble and a massive tsunami will wash across the Golden Gate Bridge

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