Human Trafficking by: faith caldwell

  • the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Human trafficking is for girls and boy all ages
  • It is all around the world
  • After being trafficked there is physical and emotional effects.
  • Most people afterward are fighting drug addiction
Some girls get dragged into human trafficking because of there so called "boyfriends"
  • Melissa says "I never thought I would end up as a prostitute" . Most girls don't.
  • Some people get into it because they do not know about about the subject they were never educated on it.
  • Stories say that when the girls were being trafficked they turn them self against you.
  • Children suffer from being scared from there caretakers or having a raging fear of the opposite sex, because of what they have been taught.
  • Kids and adults of all ages most likely need therapy all their life.
  • You can get several infections like STD'S, major back pain, some kids even suffer from stunted growth from a young age.
women are most common attacked over men.
  • The causes of human trafficking may lead to poverty
  • culture influences
  • a very poor education
  • and educational opportunities
  • corruption and poor law enforcement
  • lack of awareness
  • war
  • high demand for labor
  • the huge profits that can be made upon backs of enslaved and exploited laborers.
human trafficking is all over the world and in our country
  • Texas alone since 2007, there have been 12,330 total calls, 2,939 total cases, 3,951 total moderate victims, and 3,751 total high victims.
  • Human trafficking is most popular in China, Russia, and Uzbekistan.
Created By
Faith Caldwell


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