Video Game Community helping Gamers get out of their Rooms

There are many people in the world that play video games, and some play these games in Liberty University.

Video Games are great fun and there are so many types of video games that exist for people to play. A lot of video games created recently require a lot of teamwork to defeat bosses or puzzles.

Playing Video Games alone can be fun, but deep down, every gamer really wants to be able to share his or her interest with others.

But gamers feel like they can't because that face discrimination from others who look down on video games as juvenile and a waste of time.

Playing with other people is so much fun and that is why creating a Video Game Community would help gamers connect and build relationships with other people who enjoy the same things they do.

Health and Education are a priority over video games at a university, and this gaming community can help by promoting Health and Education.
In the long run, this gaming community could benefit both students who play video games and Liberty University by expanding the social atmosphere on campus, and if this community draws the attention of Esports, Liberty could be known for sending their students into professional gaming careers.


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