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Hey, it's Paul Cruz,

Chances are we've spoken about your desire to purchase or refinance your existing mortgage. If we haven't, I assure you we will speak soon to review what you want, and the options available to you. Our goal is to serve you as best as possible.

We help families make informed choices about their finances when purchasing a home.

Below are the steps we'll need to accomplish for a complete and thorough pre-qualification

Step #1: Apply

You can do this Online (click below), Over the Phone, or in Person.

Phone: 480-250-8902

Schedule an appointment: pcruz@pcmloan.com

I will be notified in real time once complete, and you can expect a call shortly after.

Step #2: Loan Documentation Checklist

Scan or fax the items needed to us

Scan: pcruz@pcmloan.com Fax: 480-302-4857

If you have questions at any time feel free to Call, Text, or Email. 480-250-8902 pcruz@pcmloan.com

Step #3: Review Options

Once we have the big picture, we will schedule mortgage planning meeting in our office (we highly encourage this). That meeting will be one of the most valuable meetings you’ve ever had. We will review your credit, loan options, dial-in your budget, and review a number of ways you will potentially encounter turbulence during the home buying process, and most importantly, how we will help you navigate successfully through that turbulence.

Let's weigh the options!

Step #4 Start Shopping

Shop for the home of your dream with the peace of mind, that you know exactly how much home you can afford.

Tips For a Smooth Loan Approval

These DOs and DON'Ts will help you avoid any delays with your loan approval

  • DO continue making your mortgage or rent payments on time
  • DO stay current on all existing accounts (even if you’re paying them off)
  • DO continue to work for the same employer
  • DO continue to use your credit cards as normal
  • DO call us if you have ANY questions


  • DON’T make a major purchase (car, boat, furniture, jewelry, pony etc.)
  • DON’T apply for new credit (even if you’re pre-approved)
  • DON’T open a new credit card
  • DON’T transfer any balances from one account to another
  • DON’T pay off any collections or accounts without first consulting us
  • DON’T close any credit card accounts
  • DON’T change bank accounts or banks
  • DON’T max out or overcharge your credit cards
  • DON’T consolidate your debt onto fewer credit accounts
  • DON’T take out a new loan
  • DON’T start any home improvement projects
  • DON’T finance any elective medical procedure
  • DON’T open a new cell phone account
  • DON’T keep us a secret - please share our services with co-workers, friends, & family when you have the opportunity!

If you encounter a special situation, it is best to mention it to us right away so we can help you determine the best way to handle it in order to achieve your financial goals.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your life

Yet, most people and most loan officers treat a mortgage like a commodity/transaction. The only consideration they make are rates, fees, and monthly payments. While these are important, they are just a component of the loan and what you should consider when choosing a mortgage.

I invite you to look at our team not as a lenders, but as Mortgage Advisors.

Rather than provide you with just a quote, I take a consultative approach providing you a Total Cost Analysis to show you how to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, and help you become debt free faster.

In all reality, there are many ways to finance a home...
To Find the Best Option
  • I carefully consider your short and long term real estate goals.
  • Identify your comfort level in regards to monthly payment and equity objectives,
  • Creating a Mortgage solution tailored to your specific needs.

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage is a Full Service Mortgage Banker.

We are not a broker and we are not a big bank. Everything we do remains in house, from start to finish - Application, Underwriting and Funding. When we close a loan we have 100% control of the process.

What This Means for You

  • Personalized customer service
  • Expert advice and planning
  • Faster closing
  • 5 Star Mortgage Experience where you are a valued client, not a transaction.

We have a wide range of Mortgage products, and competitive rates.

  • Purchasing or Refinancing
  • FHA
  • Conforming
  • VA
  • USDA
  • Jumbo
  • Variety of Down Payment Assistance Programs
Let's Plan For Your Future

Many people think I'm in the business of doing loans, but I don't see it that way.

Planning for the biggest purchase of your life requires a professional dedicated to your needs. As a Mortgage Advisor and planner I am helping you enter into perhaps the largest debt of your life. I feel it's my professional obligation to help you manage that debt.

Paul Cruz Mortgage Advisor 930718

Paul Cruz, NMLS 930718

Email: pcruz@pcmloan.com Phone: 480.250.8902

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