Tattoos on the Heart Fr. Greg Boyle

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace Father G is visited by teenagers who have been around gangs and drugs their entire lives. A heroin addict named Carmen says to Boyle "I'm a disgrace." He then realizes that shame leads these people to become a disgrace. My favorite story is when Lula visits Fr. G with his report card full of F's. He's excited because he was part of Drug-Free Week. This story told me not to be ashamed of my shortcomings, and realize I am something special.
Father Greg changes the lives of criminals with Homeboy Industries

Chapter 5: Slow Work Father G is asked by Omar how many kids he has buried. He said 75 reluctantly. The deaths will end when the homies decide to end them. Ending violence, drugs, and gang activity is slow work because it's a vast community. My favorite story is about Joey whose son is 2 months away from birth. He gets a job at Chuck E Cheese to pay for expenses. Even though the job sucks, he is doing it for his family.

Chapter 6: Jurisdiction Father G has to hire enemies often from the barrios. They often won't say a single word to each other but still work. Father G says to close both eyes and look with the other; otherwise, look at a person without prejudice. The best story is about Traveiso and Clever, who are big enemies but work together. Traveiso is beat to death, but Clever still has remorse. He didn't like being enemies.


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