This visual is a lil different for Whop Bezzy. We gone leave the hood and celebrate life and success on this one. They gone spend that Bag in the company of a few bad ass models.

We find ourselves on a weekend getaway. Whop Bezzy, Joeazzy, and 4 or 5 females are about to be lit for a few days. Whop has his main girl and she brought some friends for Whop's sidekick Joeazzy as well as one or two for them to enjoy...

Our location is a nice lake house at lake Lanier or a mansion/nice house with a pool. The fellas will be entertained by four wheeling with the girls. Blowing big trees by the pool while the girls lay around looking amazing. Playing football or basketball with the half naked girls. Got the grill fired up with the beautiful girl cooking in a bathing suit and some J's. If we can afford a horse we can let Whop and his girl do the fly ass horseback scene

Although this visual is not in a normal setting for Whop and Joe they still will bring that Baton Rouge swag to it. The performances will take place throughout the day in the various setups.

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