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Q&A : what makes good citizen? A good citizen is a person who obeys the law of the country.First, You have to show your responsibility. For example, in the classroom, you have to show your responsibility by doing your homework, completing your class work in class, etc. Second, You can also be a good citizen by voting for president, and paying taxes. And you have many rights to do something, for instance, you have freedom of speech, you have authority to participate things, and much more.

It represents U.S. citizen.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why? I think representative democracy is the most effective style of government because the government gives equal rights to all citizens, and they respect every single person. When you are voting, you can vote for anyone, and your vote counts toward the representatives and they vote for the president. for example, In America, all citizens can vote for representatives, and representatives vote for president. But in China, not everyone can vote. It’s fair to everyone because they gives more money to who worked more.for example, you get more money in representative democracy if you are doctor, but you get less money if you are worker, etc. You earn more money if you are doing harder jobs. These are the reasons why I think democracy is the most effective style of government.

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