Amalfi Coast ITALY

We were picked up early by Stephanie, our personal guide and driver for a full day of exploring the Amalfi coast. Stephanie was recommended by good friends and we weren’t disappointed. Transported in a new Mercedes people mover, without a scratch on it is testament to Stephanie’s impeccable driving skills. If you have ever had the pleasure to experience the Amalfi coast by road, you know what I’m talking about...a spectacular winding coastal road that is about one and a half lanes wide, then stick swarms of mosquitoes on it (Italian word for motorcyclists), private buses, public buses, cars driven by uninitiated tourists, including Germans driving their BMW’s very tentatively to ensure they don’t get any scratches on their pride and joy and then add illegally parked cars along the side of the road outside the towns saving them 10€/hr in parking charges and only risking a possible 38€ fine! It’s a sure recipe for a disaster!

There were several hair raising situations that Stephanie negotiated out of all with fun and not without singing out “Mamma Mia!”

What an experience! The driving and the spectacular scenery, nothing can describe it!

We visited Positano, Amalfi and Ravello with its spectacular Villa Cimbrone Gardens...

It was our final day with Amy and Sam, so a fitting adventure to finish with, topped off with an evening meal on the water at Port Marina Grande back in Sorrento!

Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Coastal Road

Stephanie with one of her local buddies along the road

Ravello and Villa Cimbrone

Town of Amalfi

Santa Rosa Pastry

Final Evening Together

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