KP Campbell #24

WW2 is about to happen because of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was happening everywhere in the world. Then Adof Hitler told Germany he would take them out of the Great Depression and Hitler was a mad man. Hitler became a leader of a political party called the Nazis. He put many innocent people in prisons called concentration camps. That's were many Jews who Hitler blamed for the destruction of Germany.

Adof Hitler was a dictator of Nazi Germany. In 1933 the Nazis took control of Germany. He killed almost 6 million Jews. He invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Benito Mussolini took power over Italy helped Franco take over Spain. He created the Facists party in Italy in 1919 eventually making himself dictator. They invaded the African Nation, and European countries.

Francisco Franco took over Spain he got help from Mussolini. 1892- 1975. He led a successful military rebellion to overthrow.

Joseph Stalin took control of Soviet Union witch was a communist country. He helped defeat Nasizm.

Hediki Tojo was prime minister of Japan. He became prime minister on October 1941. He made the final decision to lead his country in war with U.S. Japan invaded U.S. And China.

America was involved by Japan attacking Pearl Harbor so they joined the war.

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