art exam by leticia capello

my name is leticia I am currently 14 and a freshman ive only ever taken art in elementary school and in middle school i couldn't really do any extra curricular activities because i had to many personal things to deal with so i never really got to improve on my art skills and now i do. in the future i hope to get a carrier in something similar such as cosmetics or something to do with me creating art. in my opinion this class was great especially for me this semester i learned that there's hope for everybody.

The elements drawing reminds us of lines, value, color, space, shape, texture, and form.

In the negative and positive drawing we added more detail in the positive area and left the negative blank.

In the first part of the year we drew our own hands as a before and just recently we drew an after to see the change in our skill.

we drew side profiles to practice drawing things like the ears which you usually can't see in a front facing profile.

we did a stippling project where we used dots instead of lines and shapes and we used the dots for value for darker areas there were more dots with less space in between and more space in lighter areas.

we had a ''still life'' set up in the middle of the classroom so we could draw items in different points of view with lights and casted shadows along with value and blending.

in our scratch board project we used cross hatching to create value.

in our 2-point perspective work we did work with the horizon line and vanishing points to create dimensional shapes.

we also did a before and after with self portraits to be able to see our progress.

we created art with oil pastels using light and heavy pressure depending on how we wanted our art to turn out we also blended colors together.

this semester was great sometimes it was hard for me to be commited to doing my work because its easy for me to discourage myself but throughout it ive gotten a little bit better because art is a way i express myself and my feelings and it was great learning how to improve my own skills in something i find personal.

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