Giraffes, Towering and Otherworldly, Are ‘Vulnerable’ to Extinction PATRICK HEALY

Summary: With heights of up to 20 feet, tongues that can extend more than a foot, and their stunning necks, giraffes have long been the stuff of dreams — for children who love to draw them and for adults who retain an awe for the otherworldly creatures. Recently, Giraffes have been threatened by extinction because of illegal hunting and a loss of its habitat. The giraffe population has declined by 40 percent over the past three decades and now stands at about 97,600. The main portion of the Giraffe population is currently in national parks which proves to be inadequate. The animals large size makes them the easy target for poachers in Africa. Red List upgraded the species from the “least concern” category to “vulnerable,” skipping over the intermediary “near-threatened” designation, not too far off from extinction.

Giraffes typically have 6 foot long necks!

Analysis: The content of this article is noteworthy because it informs the reader about the near extinction of giraffes. Giraffes are an iconic animal in the world and their population is rapidly declining. While global attention has been on threats to elephants and rhinos, giraffes have been off the radar, and they are losing numbers rapidly. It is important to not look past the declining giraffe population decline. The steps that need to be further taken is to prevent hunting attacks on giraffes and to protect the giraffes at national parks. We need to do anything possible to save the iconic giraffes from extinction.

Big Takeaway: This article was one of the first articles listed on the NY Times science website, and it immediately caught my eye. Giraffes have always been one of my favorite animals due to its unique body and beautiful patterns. I read the title of the article and I was confused because I had never heard that giraffes population was declining, and on its way to extinction. I was very sad to hear that they were beginning to go extinct and I wanted to see why. I hope to learn more about the extinction of giraffes outside this article. I want to know more reasons for extinction and what people are going to do to stop it. I hope they can figure this problem out because I cant picture the world without one of my favorite animals.

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