LMNOP Independent and Coming out swinging; ZacH Schwartz (LMNOP) brings Melodic l.a. sensibilities to edm, and we can't get enough

*Premiere Release Date: (Week of 9/24)*

With 2 singles under his belt in 2018, LMNOP is set to release his 3rd single 'Red Velvet' on September 28th.

As someone who respects the power of collaboration, LMNOP (Zach Schwartz) has built an audience based on his uncanny ability to co-create with a family of artists and producers such as KILLSPENCER, Fat Tony, Yung Jake and many more. His music smoothly combines different genres and positive experiences he’s encountered throughout his life and offers listeners a unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and pop for the modern music scene.

A self-taught instrumentalist and producer from Los Angeles, LMNOP has always had a very personal relationship with music. Growing up in the eclectic Los Angeles music scene, his sound derives from his hometown. LMNOP strides to transport every listener back in time to their childhood. With a catalog of independent releases, LMNOP is set to influence new listeners with exciting collaborations and solo releases throughout the back-half of 2018. LMNOP aims to continue his purpose of inspiring creativity and playfulness in his listeners through his music.

Photo Credit - Ellyn Jameson

Zach's father, Stephen Michael Schwartz, is a Children’s Musician. He is best know for his band, Parachute Express, who created all of the music for Gymboree; however, he also wrote the theme song for Jay Jay The Jet Plane, and scored a musical called "It Came From Beyond" that is still running off-Broadway. Zach acted as his father's tour manager for the last 3 years, and their outfit nearly sold-out every show in all major Chinese cities.

Not only has Zach's father been a huge influence on him as a parent, but Zach says that he shaped his musical taste and vision as an artist, too.

His (Stephen Schwartz) music for children has influenced me to the core. As an artist I aspire to create music that brings people back to a child-like state. I want people to get out of their own adult heads in order to really experience the moment. - LMNOP
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LA musician Zach Schwartz–performing under the name LMNOP–has tapped into that longing to look back and reflect on new single “Take Me Back.” Prepare to take an emotional journey, as we’re premiering the track right here on Substream this afternoon. - Gabriel Aikins
This song immediately starts with vibey synths and relaxed vocals that create a mellow mood. Elements build & stack while maintaining a groovy sparseness; there’s an undeniable 80’s influence here, yet the track feels crisp & current. - Nathan Irving

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