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I look for the different angle in shots rather than the traditional view. We often miss things because we don't look around us. The roof of Brighton station was definently more interesting than the platform for example.
One of the worlds most famous bridges. I didn't have the wide angle lens at the time so this is four images stitched together without correction.
Our latest addition to the family has provided an additional subject for the camera. It does help that someone knows just how cute he is and seems to be able to switch it it on at will
I think you need both shots to get the context
Sports photography is about understanding the action and anticipating it. Hitting the perfect vertical is quite an achievement for the athlete - capturing it is an art for the photographer.
Mid flight between bars and again capturing the perfect lines.
Sometimes a piece deserves stitching multiple images to show the full context of what is being performed.
Again - anticipation. Of course it helps when the subject is this skilled.
A then there is time to play. These are actually red berries
This uses photoshop to add some movement to the image of the clouds
Nature offers some great images and moments.
Birds by Moonlight
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