Ice Claw David GilmAn

One of the overall locations is a mountain. I imagine it to be very cold up there because it is able to snow but scared at the same time because if you go off trail it will start and avalanche.

Another overall location is the hospital because both Max and Sayid got injured.

The first specific location is the trail on a mountain in the Pyrenees where Sayid was injured. Max was also injured at a later time.

This brings us to the next location the hospital in the Pyrenees because Max and Sayid were both placed there because of their injuries.

My novel takes place in the modern day for these reasons. I think this because all the technology around them is up to date. For example, people have cars and are able to drive around.

Also in the hospital they have the latest medical equipment for X-rays and scans. The last thing is they have modern day sport equipment like special kayaks for the river and snowboards.

The environment in my book is very cold because it is high up in a mountain. The weather is very snowy and there are lots of avalanches.

This makes me imagine it to be very cold and very dangerous to be up there. This makes me feel like the characters are taking very big risks and are risking their lives for the competition.

The population in my book is pretty crowded but also empty. My evidence to back this up is because during the competition they were lots of people watching. Also at night when Max went to the cafe with the girl it had only a few people in it.

One item that time stamps this era is the rifle that the man used to shoot the monk.

Another item or object is the big machine that they used to X-ray Max. The last object was kayak made of carbon fiber because the material is only becoming more common in the modern day.

The overall mood of my book is thrilling because all kinds of things happen to Max. For example, Max saw the monk get shot when he was skiing down the mountain.

Another example is when Max was attacked during the kayaking part of the competition. These make me feel very excited to read more and more because it keeps getting more interesting.

The setting affects my story so far because it helps set the mood that author wanted the reader to feel. The setting contributes to the book because so far Max is always in the location when something happens. It also helps contribute by triggering events helping further the books progress.


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