Facebook vs Instagram vs Snapchat: Who Has Better Stories? Which is king of stories? Find out below..

One can easily see that the new king of social media is Snapchat thanks to stories as it key feature. But now to compete with Snapchat, Facebook has announced its own version of stories. Another thing to take note of is that Instagram (which by the way is owned by Facebook) had launched its stories a year ago.

So here is the dilemma: which “stories” provider is the best? So, let's take a look at this article to settle this three-way competition on which platform has the better stories: Facebook vs Instagram vs Snapchat.

Snapchat Stories

Launched: October 2013


• No great options for momentary photo-sharing

• Ocassionally racist lenses

• The landing screen doesn’t make stories the key feature of Snapchat


• Snapchat invented stories

• All stories appear in a consecutive order

• No chance of screenshots where stories are concerned

Snapchat started all this and they have pulled it off amazingly. Even Facebook agrees with this as they have copied some of the best features of Snapchat. The engagement of stories in Snapchat has easily exceeded person-to-person snaps. The stories formula remains the same on all three rival apps.

Instagram Stories

Launched: August 2016


• You can only share camera roll pics of the last 24 hours

• The order of stories is determined by an irritating algorithm

• Instagram is owned by Facebook


• The interface is easy to use, even old people can adapt instantly

• More number of people

• Stories are public by default

Instagram casts a wider audience than Snapchat and Facebook and has more active daily users. Though, Facebook easily beats both of them with approximately 1.28 billion daily users, the X-factor of Instagram stories is that it manages to pull big numbers with a relatively lower user base without any problem. So, you are likely to see a story from a celebrity and also from your high-school buddy. Whereas, Facebook might show you the most irrelevant of stories, which brings us to:

Facebook Stories

Launched: March 2017


• It is extremely buggy

• The “more Stories” button is annoying


• Provides you with the biggest audience

• Stories is visible from the moment you launch the app

• Facebook can become an all-in-one stop for social media

Facebook has been playing the demand and supply game. People want stories and Facebook is giving it to them! Facebook has borrowed heavily from Snapchat and even tried to buy the whole company for a couple of billion dollars. On Facebook, like on Snapchat one can always find their cousins or uncles or other annoying relatives and so your friends won’t be storying up on Facebook anymore. That’s a bummer right?

In our view, the clear winner is Instagram. Instagram manages to dodge the issues that Facebook faces and currently reaches out to more people than Snapchat.

Which do you think is the best among these three for stories? Share in the comment section. For more related articles visit: Qoruz Blog


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