Beware That Girl TEresa Toten

The overall location of my book is in New York City. When I read this book, it doesn't feel like its in New York because it doesn't describe anything that says where it is. The only thing it describes is a subway that the main character takes everyday.
The main character, Kate, works at a Chinese market in Chinatown. She also, lives in the apartment above the store. Kate takes the subway everyday to get to school. She went to her best friend, house to work on homework and Olivia's father, Geoff, took both Kate and Olivia to a dance restaurant called Le Cirque.
My novel takes place in the 21st century during Kate's senior year of high school. I know this because they have things that have been popular during this time, like iPhones and laptops.
There are lots of buildings and cars in my book. They don't describe the weather very much but I think it is cold because the books says that when they go outside they always have a coat on them.
Kate lives in New York so it is very crowded. The types of people that live here are rich people, poor people, middle class, nuns, and students.
Some things that time stamp my book are expensive suits, iPhones, laptops, and smart boards because they have only been invented in the 21st century. They also have crop tops and high waisted pants, these have come back into style.
Mysterious and strange because in certain parts that I've read Kate has just stood in the middle of her room and congratulated herself saying things like, "yes, good job Kate! This is perfect....just as planned." But, some parts are really happy because Olivia enjoys spending time with Kate and being with Kate helps with Olivia's depression and anxiety.
The setting helps because it helps show that Kate doesn't have much money and is living in Chinatown in a restaurant and that's why she needs to take money from Olivia. Also, it helps by showing how rich Olivia is with her huge penthouse and what it looks like. And it helps with the story by showing how ancient Waverly is but also how high tech, upgraded and expensive it is to be there.


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