Iraq A study about iraq

This Country has many ethnic groups to be exact the percent of the population is Arab 75%, Kurdish 15% and other 5%.

They are probably worshiping Allah a Muslim word for god.

There are also only two major relegions which are percent is Muslim 99% and Christain 1%

This is a Muslim outfit for women and girls.

There has been many Firefights and battles there between ISIS and the Americans. ( Definition of FireFight is a battle using guns rather than bombs or other weapons.)

This is and Iraqi Tank probably Hjacked by ISIS.


Created with images by Kurdishstruggle - "Peshmerga | Kurdish Army" • DVIDSHUB - "Newroz Celebrations in Northern Iraq" • AngieJohnston - "iraq woman girl" • Hamed Saber - "Me, Iraqi war tank"

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