Blueprint Of The Fall By Strung Out

Exile In Oblivion

2004 | Punk

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“Dead presidents, lined coffin text, in biblical unrest. -- The blind pride, home genocide, and the secret wars we all missed. -- It's the blueprint to the fall of the entire human race, the end to what we all believed would be the hope to save this place.”


  • Strung out formed in 1991 in Simi Valley, Vocalist Jason Cruz and guitarists Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos are the constant and original members.
  • Exile in oblivion represents the bands fifth full length and the beginings of a harder more metal influenced sound for the band.
  • The band alongside acts like Lagwagon, Propagandhi, Belvedere & R.K.L are known for raising the level of musicianship in punk music, debunking common stereotypes of simplicity associated with the genre.


Luke Tatum

"The wreckage of towers that could never fall." Is that a 9/11 truther line, or just a way of pointing out this crazy American exceptionalism that grips the public any time violence is commited on a US citizen by a foreigner? This song suggests that the government's interventions into every aspect of human life has created a "blueprint to the fall of our place in history," or a "blueprint to the fall of the entire human race." The latter version reminds me of the wonderful Megadeth song, "The Scorpion," which I hear as calling the state "the fall of man." As Mises would say, there is no middle road between capitalism and soclialism. One intervention leads to another, which leads to another. Either freedom must reign, or we are all doomed. It could be sooner or later, but creeping death awaits us without a course correction.

Sherry Voluntary

This song seems pretty perfectly timed. As I write this the hawks are gearing up for war with Iran. For months now there has been buzz about war with Iran for months, and all of a sudden, wouldn't you know it, they just attack an oil tanker in the gulf of Oman. Guess they just wanted to poke the "sleeping giant," huh? It's amazing to me that anyone falls for this stuff, but they do. Everyone knows politicians lie to us constantly, yet when it's time to thinkg critically, when people's lives are concerned, they choose to believe the narrative. It's a vicious, neverending cycle of elections, lies, and wars. This cycle truly is the bluepring of the fall of this State, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion, but how many people will die needlessly for it, before that happens. I'm so tired of the war machine, and I'm weary of those who continue to support it. One of the tasks of libertarians is to try to combat this lunacy, and it's an uphill battle, indeed.

Nicky P

Anarcho-capitalists in my opinion have a wicked conundrum to deal with. Our core principles are often at odds with self preservation. We often have to appeal to morality because the bottom line is we are an unpopular minority. Everyone treats the world as a dog eat dog game where it's shank your enemy (which is everybody) before they get to shank you. This is strangely also what they think we want...but I digress.One of the issues that we have to deal with is that while i believe in an ancap society we would never get giant multicorps (because incentives wouldn't line up) we cant change the fact that they already exist. Even more frustrating is that since there is a government currently, they exist in a world where they get to move nations and soldiers around on the map like their own personal chess pieces for, what's the word, :American Interests." This might as well just say corporate interests. This song represents that unholy marriage between corporations and the military industrial complex trying to feed us lie after lie even when we get to see their chickens come home to roost. Blowback is the response to corporate greed. While i'm all about becoming as wealthy as possible by ethical means, our government is populated exclusively by those who earn it off the blood of young men the world over.

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Nicky P

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