The Pomegranate Tree Logan byers 3rd

All Relationships bear fruit with some good and others bad, but with time, the most beautiful and prosperous relationships falter and crumble. The novel, 'Kite Runner', written by Khaled Hosseini is a exciting and dreadful tale between two boys, Amir and Hassan, and the beautiful yet dis-functional friendship they share. The symbol of the pomegranate tree appears throughout the entire book, displaying how Amir's choices effected the relationship between Hassan and him, and how his choices slowly destroy their once beautiful friendship.
Hassan and Amir's relationship begins as a bright and cheerful friendship. For example, when Hassan and Amir First go to the pomegranate tree they mark the tree with an engraving to claim it signify that their friendship is forever. " 'Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul' those words made it formal: the tree was ours." this quote demonstrates that the relationship between Amir and Hassan is growing stronger with every passing day. Furthermore, After they deem the tree as theirs, they regularly visit the tree so that Amir can read to Hassan, strengthening the love between them. " 'That was the best story you've read me in a long time.' He said still clapping." this quote proves that Hassan and Amir gradually getting closer together.
Hassan and Amir's friendship starts to shrivel and waste away. For example, after the mortifying even that Hassan experienced, Amir begins to separate from Hassan because of the guilt that he feels for watching Hassan get raped and never attempting to help or even telling anyone about what happened. "I want you to stop harassing me. I want you to go away." This quote reveals the deterioration of the once great relationship the two boys shared. Clearly both Amir and Hassan are struggling to maintain the strong friendship between them. However, Amir and Hassan never are able to mend the wound left between them and in a desperate act to free himself from gut-wrenching guilt, Amir frames Hassan of theft. "This was Hassan's final sacrifice for me." This quote proves that Amir doesn't want Hassan to leave and is regretting every lie that lead to this event. As a result, Amir is left all alone, feeling like Judas after he betrayed Jesus.
Many years later, Amir find the pomegranate tree and the broken fragments of Hassan and his friendship. For example, When Amir returns to Afghanistan, he learns about Hassan's death and is told that he was his half brother. After he is told this, his is stricken with grief and mourns the once beautiful friendship he had with his brother. "But i had driven Hassan and Ali out of the house. Was it too far-fetched to imagine that things might have turned out differently if i hadn't?" This quote proves that even to this day, Amir is still feels the guilt of his past actions and wishes that things would have turned out differently. In addition, Amir later visits the pomegranate tree and still see's that its standing, beaten and withering but still alive. "The carving had dulled, almost faded all together, but it was still there." This quote reveals that the relationship between Hassan and Amir is still alive.
Throughout our lifetime , Friendships will falter and fade, even crumble to the ground, but they will never disappear.
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