The Divine A play for sarah bernhardt

Spatial Experience: When walking into the theatre I felt way more serious than I thought I would have. The building was a place I had never been in before, and with bag check and tickets to get in, etc. it made the play feel very real. It reminded me of going to see one at home in New York City. But then when I walked in, the size of the auditorium surprised me. It wasn’t quite as big as I was expecting. I was seated dead center a few rows back. This position, and with the size of the theatre made the experience a bit more intimate.

Social Experience: I attended the experience with two of my friends who are in lecture with me. These are two of my closest friends, so it was a fun experience to go with them. In Good life, shared experiences are important. When you experience something, you want to be able to talk to someone about it and be as excited as you are. Going with friends gives you people to sit with, talk to, and then talk about your experience after together where you can all relate and put in input.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play was taken place in Quebec City in the early 1900s. It focuses on the oppression of the church and child labor. It also involved the effect art can have on a life. I wasn’t too familiar with the subject matter prior to attending, however I did have feelings towards things such as child labor. My view of it hasn’t really changed. If anything, it definitely made me appreciate my life now as nothing I have experienced has been to that extent.

Emotional Experience: The play provided an opportunity for Katharsis. Nothing felt like it was held back at all. Despite the audience feeling sad or angered by watching it, it is shown anyway. This is to show the true story of lives that students such as Talbot and Michaud had.

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