Ireland Dustin

Name Of Country: Ireland

Capital: Dublin

Continent: Europe

Hemisphere: Northern

Longitude & Latitude: 53 degrees 20'N and 7 degrees 28'W

Population of Dublin: 4,775,982

Language: English

Currency: Euros


Have you heard Irish people speak? They have words like no other even though the main language of Ireland is English. Cork,Ireland is a great tourist attraction because of its rolling fields, beautiful meadows, and the green shamrocks with an extraordinary castle. People go to Ireland to see the Blarney Stone, celebrate St. Patrick´s day, and learn about Patrick Bonner.

Blarney castle

Kissing the blarney stone

Blarney Castle is located in Cork, Ireland. The Blarney stone is located on top off the castle and was installed there by King Dermot McCarthy. People kiss the stone hoping for eloquent speech which Irish people call "Gab". To be able to kiss this stone you lean back with someone holding or sitting on your legs while you hold onto iron railing. The Blarney Stone is important to the Irish people.

Patrick Bonner

Do you know who Patrick Joseph Bonner is? Patrick Bonner is a famous goalkeeper for the Irish Celtic. He was born on May 24, 1960 in Donegal, Ireland. He has gotten 80 caps in his entire career and he was the best goalkeeper since the Ronnie Simpson. He Joined the Celtic in 1978 when he was 18 years old! Bonner had his big break when Peter Latchford injured his hand. He won his first Scottish cup medal in 1980. Bonner was regarded as one of the best goalies after the 1990 world cup. In 1991Motherwell and Marshal replaced him for the rest of the season. But he won back his place and had a good game against Ibrox in 1994. Bonner had about 640 appearances and had about 480 league appearances. He became a player coach with his former teammate Tommy Burn in1998. He is known as the most prolific goalkeeper in Celtic history and the 5th most of all time. Bonner got his 75/80 cap on his 34 birthday. He played in 7 of the 8 games in qualifying of the UEFA Euro. Bonner missed opening game of the 1990 Fifa World Cup. Celtic with a 2-0 loss against Spain but thanks to Bonner performance saving his team from harder defeat. Bonner had a hard time maintaining his place in Ireland Squad. During UEFA Euro 1996 playing only one match as captain in a 4-0 win against Liechtenstein. That is why Patrick Bonner is so Important to Irish Sports fans.

Clovers represent a lot of Irish history.
To Irish people blue is more important than you think.

Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is very famous in Ireland? St. Patrick's Day is the only national holiday in Ireland. For this holiday Americans often cook corn beef and cabbage but the Irish cook bacon and cabbage. This celebration started when the church established a feast day honoring St. Patrick. Legend has it that St. Patrick was actually born with the name Maewyn Succut but he changed it to Patricius (Patrick) when he became a priest. Modern day celebrations didn't catch on that well. In 1762 the first New York parade was held. In 1798 year of the Irish rebellion, green was associated with the day. The original color associated with St. Patrick was blue. That is why St. Patrick's day is so special to Ireland.


Now do you know how interesting Ireland is. This country is known for clovers, green, Magnificent landscapes and tourist attractions. You should visit Ireland do too it's awesome culture, Famous sports, and amazing celebrations.


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