Jewish Migration By: Robert

Jewish emigrated out of Germany between the 1930's-1950's. As they migrated they went to any place they could get to, but a large majority sought to move westward.
Thes people we white usually with dark hair. They main reason for their prosecution was due to their religion of Judaism which the National Socialist German Workers Party opposed on top of other things.
The Jews were not forced to migrate and were actually told not to by the Nazi controlled Germany. They were forced instead into concentration camps and all who migrated were forced to do so in a secretive manner.
One of the many problems the Jews faced was many countries having closed doors to these refugees. Many had to become secretive in their integration into other societies. They managed to do this by help from people in countries who sympathized with them.
With the Jewish migration, although a few may have returned home, many stayed in the residences and have now started deep Jewish roots all around the world.

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