Modern technologies in physical demonstrations Bożena Zgardzińska, Zbigniew Surowiec (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin)

In the field of popularizing physics through the organization of Physics Demonstrations, the PTF Lublin center boasts the longest tradition in the country – the first Physics Show were held in 1953. This year we celebrated the 60th Jubilee of Physics Demonstrations.

Physics Demonstrations are organized in September and approximately 20,000 viewers participate each year. The shows are considered to be a perfect complement to school knowledge in physics and related sciences: chemistry, geography and biology. Classical topics in the physics are expanded to show current trends in the development of technology and to indicate the relationship between physics and other sciences.

Over the decades, the Shows have evolved in both thematic and scene areas. The technological progress of the last decade has significantly influenced the form of the Physics Demonstrations.

Using the new tools, we can now look at the world of physical demonstrations from a different perspective, as well as show physics to young people in a different way.

Along with technological progress, we are gradually including computer and telephone in our physical demonstrations. Not without significance is the fact that these tools are often and willingly used by young people.

We will share our experiences in the area of experiments presentation with participants of the Congress. During the presentation, selected physical experiments will be shown, the demonstration of which a few years ago was difficult or impossible due to the lack of appropriate tools.

We will present ideas on how to make teaching more attractive using a computer, telephone, micro-camera or thermal imaging camera.

We will show how the basic knowledge about combining colors has been translated into display construction technology, what opportunities are open to us by the currently intensively developed engineering of modern materials, how to see radiation outside from the visible area and how to visualize sound. Selected classic experiments relating to thermal phenomena, such as thermal conductivity or evaporation, will be presented in a completely new setting.

Dr hab. Bożena Zgardzińska, prof. UMCS is the Vice- Director of the Institute of Physics at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, the President of the Lublin Educational and Scientific Society and a member of the Polish Physical Society.

Her scientific interests focus on the use of the phenomenon of positron annihilation to study the nanostructure of matter and the applications of nuclear physics, including nuclear medicine.

Dr hab. Zbigniew Surowiec is an adjunct at the Institute of Physics of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, a member of the Lublin Educational and Scientific Society and the Polish Physical Society. He is a co-creator of the Educational Park "Z fizyką za pan brat" in Kazimierz Dolny.

In his research, he studies magnetic properties of nanomaterials, using Mössbauer spectroscopy and microscopic imaging.

Their common passion is cooperation with children and young people in the field of popularizing science, in particular physics.

Over 10 years they have been a part of the Physics Demonstrations team.

They initiated and implement shows and workshops for the youngest "Young explorers". They write popular science articles, including Wiedza i życie. They are co-authors of the book series "Experiments workbooks" dedicated to young experimenters who want to discover the world around them by experimenting.

They gave open lectures, including the "Physics is OK", "Meetings with physics" and "Lublin Science Festival". They implemented popularization projects dedicated to young students e.g. "Academy of creative growing" with 1300 participants and projects for children and seniors, e.g. "Seniors and Juniors". They are intensively involved in the popularization of physics.

October 18, 2020 at noon

Auditorium of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw


Photos by Bożena Zgardzińska and Zbigniew Surowiec