My Digital Porfolio Kimber Buzzard

Welcome to my digital portfolio!

My name is Kimber, I'm currently a senior at Zeeland East High School. All of the art on this page is from Beginning Drawing, my first high school art class.

The following pieces of art show my progress from the first week of school to the end of the 18-week semester.

Upside Down

When I was drawing these upside down pieces I worked on the contour lines before heading into detail. For example when I did Picasso's Igor Stravinsky I began with his shoulders, then I filled the space with the details of his jacket. The blind contour pieces deal with the same idea, the only change is that you aren't looking at the paper you are drawing on.

Doing these upside down pieces was a unique way to learn about using the right side of your brain. When you draw something upside down you can focus more about the lines and space in the piece. This technique we used was something that I used in many of my other pieces later in the semester.

Blind Contour

Palm of Hand


In is piece the positive side is the right side where a potion of the ballerinas tutu is at. The negative side the left side where the ballerina is tying her pointe shoes. During the positive/negative piece I learned a lot about blending from this piece . I had an interesting way to divide the piece but it looked more outlined than blended. Also I noticed the pressure of the pencils can make a line look softer or harder. From this piece on I believe that I was able to blend better and create softer lines.

Before/After - Hand

When I first drew my hand I put into my mind that I was drawing a hand, or at least what a hand looked like in my head. I also had no value to make this piece look textured.


My favorite part about my final hand drawing was the detail I put into my wrist, I managed to create a texture using slight differences in value. I think I improved the most on using multiple values to add more detail to the piece. Also I focused more about drawing lines, not just a hand.


Joey - Profile

Doing this profile piece I felt like I struggled the most with his mouth. I really enjoyed the challenge though because there were a lot of things that involved subtle changes in value (ie: Blond tips of hair). Also I dealt with different textures like hair and fabric.


I really enjoyed stippling but I don't feel like my final piece was as successful as it could have been. The photo I used had a lot of different values that I wasn't quite sure how to put into dots. One place where I felt I had good value was in the ears and mimicking the creases.
Practice Stippling Piece

Still Life

In this piece I feel like I succeeded with using space, keeping in mind of where things were in relation to another. Doing this piece I think I improved the most at noticing shape, due to the various types of lines. One thing I wished I focused on was using more value in some areas, I believe it would have helped the piece as a whole.


This was another one of my favorites, especially since I was able to choose what I wanted to do. I think choosing a Shar-Pei for this was interesting because they are really wrinkly dogs and their fur is short and sort of prickly. Also it was interesting to do because I had never used cross hatching as a shading technique in a piece. If I were to do this piece over again I would focus more on the detail in the face to give it more texture.

2-Point Perspective


In this piece I felt like my vanishing points were done well. I never realized how much things lined up with their vanishing point until I drew this piece. When using the vanishing points the vertical and horizontal lines all correspond to that one point.


Before/After - Self Portriat

This was my first try at drawing a full portrait of myself. I attempted to use a small amount of value but didn't really know how to use if effectively.

These later photos of an eye and mouth were apart of the process we learned to draw specific parts on the face. This really helped because I was able to focus more on the lines and shapes rather than drawing and eye, mouth, etc..
This was definitely my favorite piece I did. It felt great to know that I had completed a portrait of myself that had detail. The most challenging part was drawing my nose, since my nose is crooked I had to focus more on the value and shadows in my piece to make it look correct. I was most successful in having the right size and placement of my eyes, nose, etc..

Rushca Ribbon Drawing

In the piece we focused on value, line, and shadows. We used a lamp to create a shadow on the paper to give it a ribbon look. The hardest part about this piece was to create different values to make the shadow effect.

Coming in the first week I instantly though "Oh no, what did I get into". The most challenging part were the pieces that took a long time to complete (ie: Still Life).

By the end of the semester I loved art class. I enjoyed the people and felt really confident in drawing. Something I took out of the class is that I should be confident it what I was doing. I learned that all my art work wasn't going to be the best but I still should give it 100% of my effort.

Following my senior year I'm going to Alma College. I hope to pursue a degree in accounting or at least something business related. Even though an art class wasn't something I though I would do, I think having a little bit of art background is helpful in bringing out the creativity I didn't think I had.

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