The Rube G. Project BY: NATALIE R-G, AMELIA D, And allie A

Our devices purpose is to put out a candle. The simple machines include an inclined plane, which the marble rolled down, a lever which was domino's, a pulley which carried the ball. There were five different stages in our device an inclined ramp, domino's, a pulley system, another inclined plane, and cup of water knocked over. The energy transfers were between the ball and the domino's, the ball to the pulley, the pulley to another ball, and the ball to the glass of water.

Our machine the design process.

Grow: The hardest part was getting the pulley system to work. The cups would not align to the right height and placement. Glow: The inclined plane at the beginning was easy to put together and it worked well.

The inclined planes at the beginning of the drawing were made out of legos which we placed at angle so that the ball would roll smoothly to each one. The domino's were placed on top of a metal table which we then covered with cardboard to create a flat surface. To get the ball after the marbles to stay put we placed it on a lego piece to create traction. The pulleys were made out of slinky boxes which we hang the string from in a certain way so that they would stay level. As for the popsicle we stuck it into the side of the box and stabilized it with tape. The ball then rolled down another lego track onto a metal table which knocked over the cup.

Our group worked really well together. We didn't really divide the tasks, we all worked on one part at the same time to get it finished. When we were building our device we went from the beginning of the device to the end, we made sure to finish one part before we moved on to the next.


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