Don't Get in Trouble in the Middle Ages By: Gabe Elbert

Types of Medieval Crimes

There were different types of medieval crimes. Theft was very common as people were mostly poor, although stealing of valuable and less valuable items had different kinds of punishments.

Theft in the Medieval

King’s Court Trial Ordeal

The King’s court dealt with the serious crimes such as assault, murder and treason as these crimes were considered as crimes against the King.

This is a picture of what a King's Court would look like

Manorial Trial by Jury

The Manorial Court was the lowest court of law during the medieval period. All crimes apart from serious crimes were dealt by the manorial court.

Here is what a Manorial Court would look like.

Ordeal by Fire

The accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and hold it while they walked three or four paces. Their hand was then bandaged. After three days if the wound was healing they were innocent if the wound didn’t heal they were guilty.

This is what Ordeal of Fire would look like.

Ordeal by Water

The accused had their hands and feet tied together. They were then thrown into water. If they floated they were guilty but if they sank they were innocent.

This is what Ordeal of Water would look like.

Ordeal by Combat

This is what Ordeal by Combat would look like.

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