Relife's Connected Homes Easyer From every angle

Relife's Connected homes offers a variety of modern technological advances to assist you whenever you get home. It comes all equiped with loads of features such as: Automated vaccum cleaner, fully automated kitchen (now in version 2.0), connected doors and lights and ven more.

Why buy a Relife Home

  • There are many Relife Homes options and features aviable now that weren't aviable a few years earlier. You just have to pick what would be the best for you
  • It's making your life a lot easier by doing the simple and annoying taks that consumes our time and energy. Therefore you can reinvest that time into others activities that are most likely gonna appeal to yourself.

Relife Home's main features

Construction process

  • Realy efficient it is quick and simple
  • Your future home will come detached and prefabricated. But don't worry all materials are chosen with care and assembled with expertise

Technological features

  • Comes with automated kitchen, bathroom, living room and and your bedroom as well.
  • Charging station for your vehicule: Electric and also gaz.
  • Two escalators (many design model possible).
  • Also in a beta version can be added a nursery for your children's personnal education.

Type of homes

Lite package

Made for people who want to experience Relife's Homes but don't want to spend a lot. Comes with the basics: all 4 way automated rooms. All of this at a sweet price. (Also cheaper)

Medium Package

Made for people who enjoy having more. Comes with all 4 way automated rooms one escalator* and the charging station are also included.

*Can be used in both way: climbing or dismounting

Enthusiast package

For the ones who want's to live the full experience of Relife's Homes. Comes with all features all 4 way automated rooms, escalators, charging stations, and the beta version of the educationnal room: The nursery.

Relife's Homes are made for...

Not only enthusiasts but also people who love new technologies and want to take a step more in the future.


For those who have smaller purse and go for the Lite package

Prices are around 700 000 $

Now for people that always want's more we thinked about you and created the Medium package

Prices are around 1 000 000 $

For the ones who want's the full experience and purchase the Enthusiast package

Prices are around 3 000 000 $


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