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Issue #3 January 18, 2017

Xbox replies to Black Ops 2 Backward Compatability Tweet.

Over the past few months Xbox fans have been voting for backward compatibility games and what they want most to play on Xbox. While Xbox expressed they would try and get the favorites out first, they explained license rights would not always allow them to get the favorites out first. No game has received more votes than Black Ops 2! It has dominated the votes for the majority of the poles leaving everyone to question "Why haven't they done it yet?" Well this week Twitter user "Bring BO2 Back" finally received a response from Xbox Head Phil Spencer.

While this doesn't mean that we will see Black Ops 2 return at any point it is still a sign that hope is still alive for all the BO2 fandom!

Ubisoft offers timed full game demo for Watchdogs 2.

Ubisoft is offering 3 hours of full game play available for Watch Dogs 2. This 3 hour demo is available now for PlayStation 4 and will be available January 24th on Xbox One.

This 3 hour demo will save your progress to carry over to the full game should you choose it has impressed you enough to buy it!

Overwatch teases Year of the Rooster event

Blizzard Overwatch released a very short teaser today for their event which will be releasing on all systems on January 24. The new event labeled "Year of the Rooster" looks to be the start of what may be several country origin events which have been rumored to release throughout 2017.

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