CAMPI 1898

This is the story of a choice and a choice always needs courage
This is the story of a typography born in 1898 in Milan. I could know this story Saturday thanks to FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano) that during its event ‘Giornate di Primavera’ has permitted the visit inside the laboratory with workers that explained with passion their work.
The choice is continue printing in monotype with the old machines

Typhographic composer MONOTYPE

Perforated paper tape that gives the command to the casting machine

typographic composer keyboard

Inside the keybord

The Monotype print system consist in a keyboard and a casting machine, these two are put into communication by means of a perforated paper tape (forerunner of the tapes of the first computers), which sends commands to the matrix frame, which should be positioned over the shape, at the required array. At this point the molten metal is poured, creating a character at a time.
Casting machine
Casting machine
Casting machine
Casting machine
Casting machine
Artistic print
Print machine
Campi Monotype 1898
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