13 Rhythms Career Development How 13 Rhythms can assist you to #GrabYourGoals!

The Challenge

“Careers guidance” is a term that many of us will remember from our school days, having stilted conversations with a careers adviser in 4th year / year 10 - depending on how old you are! - about what you wanted to do with the rest of your life. Some people are very clear on their career goals, even at age 14, but there are many others who find their way in their careers as they move from one job to the next.

First of all, both of these scenarios are fine! Whether you are clear in your career direction, or still have no idea about what role or sector you want to work in long-term, the most important thing is that you are happy in your working life, with a career that is fulfilling and challenging; is mentally and financially rewarding and makes the best use of your skills and experiences. If you don't feel like you're in that position, it would be beneficial for you to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary Explore Call so we can "explore" where you would like to be and how I can use my strengths and skills to support you to "get there".

As the world of work continues to change, our adaptability and resilience to engage with it may need re-calibrating on occasion. I can work with you to ensure that you are ready for the changes that are certain to come, whilst navigating the world of work in ways that benefit you, and your aspirations.

If you aren’t feeling as positive as you'd like about your job or career, speak to 13 Rhythms for support to break into the position, role or company you’re aiming for.

Working with 13 Rhythms - that’s me Natalie Freeman - Coach, Trainer, Transformer! - I'll ensure that you are prepped and ready to perform at your best during increasingly complex recruitment and selection processes. I’ll offer you support to enable you to successfully navigate a range of career and recruitment related challenges, whilst displaying your excellence at full beam!

I’ll provide practical support, motivation, clarity and dynamic action planning as we work together to assist you to identify suitable job roles, master selection processes, create sharp content for your LinkedIn profile, revise or create your CV, complete application forms, practice for interviews, build your confidence, uncover your skills and shout about your expertise and greatness to the employers and organisations that need to hear about you.

Sometimes, the person that needs to know everything they're good at is YOU. We can work together to ensure that your career planning is full of proactive, practical tasks that result in you securing the role/s of your choice. Working with me, we'll uncover ALL of your knowledge, skills and experiences and ensure you are able to articulate these strengths confidently and competently whenever necessary.

Why Choose 13 Rhythms?

My coaching and support services are totally client focused, and designed to respond to your specific development needs. However, I know that career development isn't "just" about the logistics of finding a job to apply for. We can have mental, emotional and confidence based blockages that are stopping us from achieving too.

My "13 Way" method addresses all of these challenges, creating a holistic support package that assists you in taking action and moving out of that "stuck" place into the career and life you want.

If you're working on building your business, please see my Entrepreneur Support Guide for ways that I support start-up and trading business owners.

How does coaching "help"?

Coaching is less about "help" and more about support, guidance, assistance, motivation, inspiration, practical completion of tasks and realising tangible results.

My career and professional development coaching is based on supporting you to get to the place in your career where you're happy, fulfilled and rewarded. It's not just a support for practical and recruitment based tasks - my coaching services will work with you to increase your proficiency and confidence across a range of employability and workplace skills. For example, during our sessions, I can take you through a range of exercises that will raise your competency, build your confidence and strengthen your resilience and ability to process change. This will result in you being enabled and empowered to operate at your highest level of performance in getting, keeping and progressing in the job and career of your choice.

Unplanned changes ahead?

If you’re experiencing redundancy, having to reapply for your existing job or going through organisational restructuring, it would be great for you to get in touch. Having experienced these situations personally, as well as coaching several clients who have gone on to successfully find new roles, I know how emotionally draining this can be.

Working with me, you'll be supported by a coach who has the professional experience, empathy and emotional intelligence to help you make sense of the new situation. I’ll act as an adviser and motivator with you, supporting you to re-ignite your professional and personal confidence, as we get you ready to jump into the world of recruitment again.

Bored at work? It happens!

Maybe you’re completely bored of your current working life, but you’re not sure why? Perhaps you’d like to try something new, or want to make the transition into a career or sector that has always been of interest, but for life reasons you’ve not pursued this path. Let’s speak in order for me to assist you in making a strategic plan for you to make the required moves into your new direction.

Who Should Work With Me?

You'd benefit from a no-obligation, complimentary Explore Call if you are:

  • completely happy in your role but would like to establish a plan for the next stages of your career
  • applying for a new role, or registering with a recruitment agency
  • dissatisfied (or bored!) with your job and want a change, but don’t have a clue what to do next
  • preparing for an interview and would like to have practice interviews, practice your presentation skills, complete psychometric tests etc
  • seeking a promotion in your current company or looking for a more senior role in another organisation
  • making the transition from having a job to building your career - you're keen to take a structured approach to seeking and securing roles that will build into your chosen career
  • in a role that has been, or is being made redundant, or your role is at risk of being restructured at your current workplace
  • a graduate seeking your first career role
  • seeking a complete overhaul of your career - whatever that might mean!

Career Solutions - The 13 Way

To provide complete clarity on the ways that 13 Rhythms coaching can assist you to #GrabYourGoals in your career, let me pose a few scenarios. If you can recognise yourself in one or more of these scenarios below, you should schedule your call with me today.


“I want a new job!”

“I haven’t completed an application form or CV for years. I don’t know where to start. I don’t even know what job to apply for.”

“Great news! I have an interview. But my nerves are absolutely crippling me. Help!”

“I’m a new graduate, and I've been invited to an assessment centre as part of the selection process. But I have no idea what is going to take place during the day. I'm clueless!”

“I'd like to get a promotion in my current company. How can I get ready for the next vacancy so I have the required skills when the time comes?

“I’ve fallen into this job but it’s not what I really want to do. I want to move into a new industry, but I don’t want to start at the bottom in a new sector.”

“I’m in a happy place in my career but I don’t want to be complacent. I know where I would like to be in five years and need a plan to get there.”

“I’ve been made redundant. I’m lost, sad and stuck.”

“I need a new CV / personal statement / LinkedIn page, but can’t write it myself. don't know what I'm really good at. I need help!”

“They’re making us reapply for our jobs at my company. My role is being deleted and I don’t know if I have the skills to go for one of the others jobs. I don’t even know if I want one of the other jobs. Maybe I want to leave this company. I’m just unsure about EVERYTHING!”

“There’s so much different information about how I should apply for a job - agencies, online applications, LinkedIn, speculative letters etc - I don’t know where to start with any of it!”

Our Coaching Relationship

We begin with a complimentary, no-obligation Explore call via telephone or video call. They can be scheduled straight into my diary, which saves that annoying email back and forth trying to find a mutually beneficial time to speak. Our 30 minute "exploration" (conversation!) will enable you to tell me more about your specific challenges, goals and objectives, and allow me to make suggestions on how we can work together to ensure that you reach your goals.

To make the best use of our time on the call, I'll ask you to complete my "What's On Your Mind?" questionnaire before we speak. This is designed to give me an overview of the challenges you're experiencing, so that our time on the call can be full of exploring possible solutions to your challenges.

Following our Explore Call I’ll forward notes of our conversation to you, along with my recommendation on the best 13 Rhythms coaching solution for you.

Our coaching relationship may take various forms. We may work together for one session - you may need to use me as a sounding board, requiring my assistance to clarify and organise your thoughts, get focused, structure your actions and have a blast of motivation to get moving on your own. Alternatively you may require more detailed support - whilst finding your career path, or applying for a new role or skills building sessions - these activities require more time together, and a longer term coaching relationship would work best. My coaching recommendation will include the number of sessions I think are required for us to address your specific challenges.

Let's Get Started!

Wherever you are in your career, a coach can assist you to create the change that you are looking for in your working life. Whether you require specific support for a task related to recruitment and selection, or you would like to bolster your confidence, performance, skills and understanding of your career and the direction it’s taking, contact me for a complimentary, no-obligation Explore Call.

Working with a career and professional development coach can assist you as you wade through the activities necessary to make changes to your working life. Building a career requires strategies and taking action - working with me will ensure that you are making strategic decisions and taking effective and confident actions.

Your investments of time, effort and resources will reap rewards and results that will be felt in the immediate and longer term.

Working with 13 Rhythms will provide you with coaching that is concentrated on you achieving your specific career related goals through focused, structured, challenging and supportive sessions, that establish your chosen outcome and overcome the obstacles that are blocking your progress. Our work will result in you achieving real, tangible outcomes, pushing you to "grab your goals".

Thank you for your interest in 13 Rhythms. I look forward to working with you.

Let's speak soon,

Natalie Freeman - Coach, Trainer, Transformer!

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