Sense Enhancer By: Raymond JEon and Noah Jafari

Our biomimicry invention will give humans not one, but two new abilities. This lightweight, completely waterproof, heat-reducing invention is disguised as a pair of headphones but is anything but a pair of headphones. It ensures comfort more advanced than any headphone in the world. There is a built-in brain scanner on the top to connect the bottom two ear cuffs with the human brain and nerves. Obviously, this is way beyond our current technology, but would be an excellent idea for the future. This would allow anyone to see, with full color, out of two waterproof 4K HD cameras that can be adjusted for night vision. The two cameras would show 180 degrees each and would automatically stitch their views together to allow humans 360 degree vision. There are also many large microphones around the cuffs to catch the sound around. They can be adjusted for you to have poor hearing, below average hearing, average hearing, above average hearing, and the hearing of a dog. Since it is connected to the brain and nerves and not your eyes and ears, blind and deaf people could also use this and not only get new sense(s), but have a superior version of those senses. If this design was to be made, it would be revolutionary. Humans could have the 360 degree vision of some animals like eagles, owls, insects, etc. We could have superior hearing like dogs, cats, bats, etc. This is the future.


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