Quarter 2 Book Project By: skyler johnston


Coraline and Bridge to Terabithia are similar because in the story the characters both discover a different world. In the Bridge to Terabithia, Jesse Aaron's and his new friend Leslie discover a rope connected to a tree that leads to the other side of the river. Everyday after school they go into the “magical kingdom” that they imagined. In Coraline, a little girl named Coraline moved into a new house and found a secret doorway that leads to another world where her other mother and father live. In both books, the secret world is a place that both characters go to that no other person knows about.

Differences- The two books are different because Bridge to Terebethia is more of a fun, magical book and their "other world" is a good place. Leslie and Jesse make up their world in their head and Coraline isn't made up to her. Coraline is more of a scary, dramatic story. Coraline's other world is not a good place and takes her parents away from her.

I definitely will recommend these books to other people because they are both similar and people will never know what is going to happen next; either a bad or a good thing. Its definitely a book to escape the real world and imagine a whole other world. If you have read Coraline then try Bridge to Terebithia.

Leslie is a fun outgoing girl that loves taking on challenges and adventures. She's very good at school and likes to work hard. Jesse is a creative, artistic boy that lives on a farm. He has a lot of family members and is usually forgot about so he uses his free time to run. When Leslie moved right next door and went to the same school they became best friends and did everything together.


This book is about a boy named Jesse Aaron's, an artistic and creative but poor boy who lives with his family on a farm. Jesse is usually forgot about because he has such a large family. In his free time he likes to escape his social life by running . His goal is to become the fastest runner in his grade. However, Leslie Burke , a new girl who earns the approval by teachers, and is a goodie goodie ends up winning all of the running races. At first Jesse dislikes Leslie but over time they become close friends and do everything together. One day after school Jesse and Leslie find a rope that's swings them across the river to the other side. They both use their imagination to make a magical kingdom where they can escape their real life with. They use their own land as a place to escape from life at school. One day Jesse leaves for the day to go on a trip with his music teacher. When he gets home his family is in tears and tells him something that he would never forget… Leslie had tried swinging across the rope when a terrible raging wave swooped by and captured her. Leslie had fallen off the rope and died.

Setting- Bridge to Terabithia- The story takes place at school, at their houses and in their magical kingdom on the other side of the river. Coraline- At Coraline's house, outside of their house, and on the other side of the secret passage way.

Plot- exposition: Jesse is a poor farm boy, who loves to draw and run. One day a new girl named Leslie moves in and they weren't friends at first because Jesse didn't like her. But over time they become best friends.

Rising action: Jesse and Leslie find a old rope tied to a tree that swings across to the other side of the river. They started building a tree house and hanging out on the other side of the river everyday after school. They used their imagination to make a magical kingdom that they were in control of and used it to take their mind off school.

Climax- One day, Jesse goes on a road trip with his music teacher so Leslie is left all alone at the river. She had tried going across the rope but right when she swing across there was a big wave that swept up and she fell off the rope and died.

Falling action: When Jesse got home his family told him the terrible news. They rushed quickly over to Leslie's house and gave her family company after the tragic tragedy. They were together for a long time and prayed for their family.

Resolution: Jesse tried to overcome what happened and he surprised his little sister with the beautiful kingdom. He had made gorgeous bridge to walk across instead of the rope, and he remade the treehouse. Jesse made his little sister a homemade crown and gave his sister the new name as the queen of Terabitha.

May Belle, the new queen of Terabithia. (Jesse's sister)

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