How to take a prefect photo! By destiny k.

The first step to taking a great picture is having a good camera that you can make sure you feel good and comparable with and you know you can make a good time out of it. Second if you see something that you want to take a picture of make sure you take a few pictures of it to make sure you get the picture in focus because you don't want to take a picture that is not in focus. Also when you want to take a picture make sure you get all angles of the thing you want to take a pictures of because you never know what beautiful picture you can make with different angles. Then if you feel like you got some good pictures you can ask a local store if you can sell them because sometimes you can get money by getting people to buy your great pictures or even start a business

Great places to sell your pictures

1. an antique store

2. a wild life store

3. an event show


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