Oleg Kryachun Digital Photo 1, Period 1

This photo was taken for the Eyes photo challenge. To take it I had to zoom in all the way and off center the eye or the subject of the photo to utilize the rule of thirds element. I then opened this photo in Photoshop and added blurs around the eye and I changed the eye color. I then adjusted the levels and added noise to the photo for effect. This photo demonstrates rule of thirds and simplicity.
This photo was taken for the color photo challenge. To take this photo I had to find some cans of different colors outside in the courtyard and some other things that had a color that stood out. I set them up in a way to demonstrate simplicity, contrast, and rule of thirds. Then I took the picture so the items filled the photo. Then I adjusted the vibrance and saturation in Photoshop.
This photo was taken for the Grunge assignment. To do this I went out into the courtyard with my Boogie and took a picture of him utilizing the rule of thirds, diagonals, and lead room element. I then uploaded this photo into Photoshop and added a grunge photo over my image, then I changed the opacity of the grunge photo to be able to see the photo underneath. Then I erased any part of the grunge photo going over Boogie to finish it off.
This photo was taken for the Rule of Thirds assignment. To take this we went outside and set up the shot next to water running down the roof of the building to add interest to the shot. This photo demonstrates lead room and diagonals. I then uploaded the photo to Photoshop and adjusted the Levels of the photo.
This photo was taken for the Food photo challenge. To take this photo I had to set up external projector lights to add a dramatic effect with the shadows. I then set up the candy in a circle using all the colors of the rainbow and it demonstrates contrast, point of view, and simplicity. Then using a tripod, I zoomed in all the way and adjusted the camera to the lowest depth of field and took the photo. I then uploaded it to Photoshop and adjusted the vibrance and saturation of the photo.

I make art because I love it. I'm not a good artist but I love using technology, I love utilizing it in different ways to create art. Technology is about the only connection I can make with art. My inspiration to continue making art is the satisfaction I get from taking beautiful pictures and knowing that I did it. My art represent my adventures I go on, the places I go to, the beautiful things I see, and the cool things I do. I like taking my photos from unique angles to make them appealing using as many elements of composition possible. To me art means creativity, uniqueness, and originality. It portrays the type of person I am into the art I create.


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