A Day in the Life of Coach Shelley Nathan May, M.Ed

I start my day thinking about what is before me. I grab a decaf and head out to a school, thinking about the teachers I am going to see that day and the other work that is ahead of me.

Give me decaf and liberty!

I arrive at Small Middle School and check-in with Mr. Nelson, just to let him know I am here. I head upstairs to the library which is where I stash my stuff, say hello to Lisa, Librarian extraordinaire and Bridget, Library Clerk extraordinaire.

Small Middle School Library

I look for Becky, the fabulous CIC to find out what is going on around the school and find her working with some students. I check my email while I wait. (No, I am not the dog, I just like the picture.)

Wow, too many emails to read right now!

I have to wait some more, so I look at a video to see if I can learn something on the fly!

Okay, you got me, it may not have much educational value, but everyone needs a laugh!

Becky has a few minutes before the next kids arrive and lets me know that two teachers have been asking for assistance with using Google Classroom. She has never used it and when she has time to meet, she will get with me to learn about it. In the meantime, my first stop is Mr. Christopher Moore. We discuss a time to meet and set that up. Then off to see Ms. Laura Rice. She already is using Google Classroom, but has a few questions. She has time to meet now, so in I go. This is a time to listen, read between the lines, and wait patiently for her questions. We talk about what is working well and what opportunities may await. We come up with a plan of action to solve the problems that she is having. She tells me she will try out the suggestions and will also share anything she discovers. We set a date to meet in a week to follow-up.

A typical day never includes lunch by itself.

Lunch is going on downstairs, but I am sitting in my little office space, thinking about things and eating while catching up on my email.

Sunset Valley Elementary School

Teachers at another campus need some support, so I head to Sunset Valley to visit. All are busy, but I make appointments to come back so we can have some quality time together. I check in with the principal and the CIC. Unfortunately, the principal is tied up dealing with a discipline issue. The worst part is that it is my nephew who threw a punch because another child was making fun of him. I stay out of it and have a laugh when I step outside. The CIC is tied up with her class and will email me later. Off to the library for a noisy place to work. I end my work day here, talking with the librarian and a few kids that ask me what I am doing.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.


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