Dylan Chew Ancient China

Here is the Chinese zodiac, I am a Rooster which is born in 2005! The zodiac has 12 different animals for each year cycle and you have to be one of these there is no left out years!
This is the Chinese Wall made out of all Styrofoam, with some nice moss on the side of the wall.
Here is a higher angle of the Styrofoam wall
This is a beautiful sculpture made from clay and green straws that look like bamboo!
This is a cup dragon that can swivel around because it has paper fasteners, jeez it would be a great Christmas reef.
This is another wall with lots of information about the Great Wall Of China
This is another small but GREAT WALL that might have been rushed, but i cant talk because mine was pretty much rushed even though it was super easy and I had so much time.
And last but not least, the terracotta warriors that are actually made from clay in real life and they were hand made by the ACTUAL WARRIORS!

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