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Below are my very first electronics YouTube videos from back in 2012. I was just starting out with hobbyist electronics, and soon decided that I wanted to go into a career working with similar devices.

I attempted to make a LED Creeper tutorial back in 2013, because I wanted to share my knowledge and know-how with the world.

The Creepers glowing eyes, next to a RTC

I later rebuilt and improved upon my initial game system with a 3 color screen and a scoreboard.

My attempts at creating a Arduino powered clock with an RTC and several LED Matrixes

I built my first computer in order to run more advanced games

Hand built

My final project for AP computer Science in 2015. This project led me to become much more interested in Game Development, and soon after I downloaded Unity and began trying to make more games.

Our VEX robot in testing. As the lead programmer of our robotics club, I was in charge of all of the autonomous functions, and for this robot, I attempted to have it score a cube.
Our entry in the 2014 Vex Competition. The robot is holding a piece of a tower, which stacks several feet high.

Two summers ago, with a couple of friends, I built an IOT (Internet of Things) app to remotely control house lights. This was a great introduction to the Internet of Things, and I have continued development on different devices.

The hardware setup consisted of an Arduino Yun which handled the internet part, connected to a PowerTail switch, which handled toggling the high voltage AC current.
Experimenting with a Raspberry Pi
Trying out pentesting. I ended up discovering some security flaws within my own network, and quickly fixed them.
Leading the development of a hackathon project
At a hackathon in Chicago

My first Virtual Reality app designed to help visualize 3D calculus shapes

I began working on an FPS within Unity 5

Released my second Google Cardboard Virtual Reality app

Released my third virtual reality app

And my fourth

Some more Unity footage

I built a drone

But it flew away

The drone flying away was quite the learning experience, and I learned the importance of testing thoroughly, but also the importance of seeking help when needed. Without help from one of my friends, I never would have gotten the drone in the air.

I built another PC
Various 3D prints I have done. I have become known as the 3D printing expert at my makerspace, and whenever someone needs help getting started or with an advanced print, they turn to me for help.
Laser cut creations
Flying in FPV
My racing drone in flight

My first attempt at VR development using the HTC Vive

AR development
Texturing a handgun for Unity in Substance Designer
Other textured guns in Substance Designer

More progress on my Virtual Reality shooter

The biggest project I have attempted to date is my Virtual Reality tracked Nerf gun, which combines my electronics skills with my programming and game development skills.

I built the physical controller using an old Nerf gun, a Vive Controller, and an Arduino which detected when the trigger was pulled and sent that information to the computer. On the computer, I built an virtual environment with a virtual gun that reacted to the movement and triggering of the real gun.

I published a video game on Itch.io, available here : https://legorobotdude.itch.io/zombietown

I am currently working on a Virtual Reality port of ZombieTown, as well as other games.

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