Kattnis Timmy FReeley

Katniss's dad said to her that everyday is better than the last

“When one day is bad you know the next day will be the best”

Katniss's dad said to her that everyday is better than the last

Hello my name is Katniss and I am a great survivalist. When I was little I had no dad it was just me and my mom but he taught me how to hunt, fight, fish, shoot a bow and arrow, and survive. When my dad died my mother went into depression so I had to take care of my mom and my sister. When I was in the games i got so mad at the gamemakers i shot the apple in the pig's mouth to try and get their attention. I was mostly scared about what they will do to prim and my mother I thought they were going to do something to them.

Hello my name is katniss and when i'm trying to survive in the hunger games I always have flashbacks when I ever shoot a bow and arrow, fishing, hunting. Or pretty much anything my dad taught me I would always think of him. Even late at night and in the morning I would always see him he wasn't really there but I always thought he was.

When I went into the games I wanted to make some people to like me some i have some friends out there that will have my back. But it's hard to find someone to trust because if you befriend someone and they're not friendly they can trick you then kill you.

Katniss is good at hunting, fishing, building a shelter, and survival skills

Im great at hunting, fishing, building huts, surviving, i'm good with a bow and arrow i can move fast, and i'm really strong

Katniss would listen to calm relaxing music to keep her focus on what she is doing.

Like the song wrecking ball


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