4A23 Sebastian Ortiz

My name is Sebastian Ortiz and i came from France and it was fun seeing the American Flag and the statue of liberty.I was a baby when my parents came to the United States and it was bad out for me and my parents to cross from France all the way to the United States.I was probably starving and so where my parents.It hurt when they checked my eye i was probably crying.My parents where so lucky that we did not get send back and that they where bole to cross so we made it through and we finally had something to eat. I did not like it out there no did my parents. We had to use buckets to go to the bathroom my parents had to change my dipper when it was stinky and i do not know where the put it in. I came all the way over here with my best friend and we were not that big we did not even have food to eat i was like 2 years old when we came here so when i saw the statue of liberty i thought we where going to have a very nice home and food but it took us like 3-4 days to find a home and food. Now i am living in the U.S.A it is very fun to live here i can play have new friends and a good home. I have a very nice job i do paintings and i clean boats and i get well paid in my jobs so i have a home and a car and food so i got everything i need to live and have a good life. This was my story of coming to the U.S.A and how it was very froufout there.

The Statue of liberty was a gift to the U.S.A. from France. It stands in the New York Harbor. It modeled after Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. The trip across the Atlantic ocean lasted 1 or 2 weeks.

My favorite part of the web quest was that people where coming from other countries. Even babies came from far away. And they wished to have a good home and food. They wanted to travel from far away counties and how they wished for a lot of stuff.

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