Collection Development Monthly Vol 4 | Issue 2 | February 2020

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Selector News
Coming soon in E-Resources
Gov Docs of the Month

Selector Deadline Approaching

The selector deadline for monographs purchases is March 15! Please spend your budget by the deadline.

Welcome, Shannon!

Please extend a warm welcome to our new liaison coordinator, Shannon Plummer! She is excited to get started in her new role at the KSU Library System.


Database Trials Coming Soon

Collection Development is trialing databases this semester! Stay tuned for updates next month.

License Agreements Access

The Library System's license agreements have been migrated from the I: drive to the Electronic Resources folder in CDU's SharePoint. You can find the license agreements here: Contracts & License Agreements

You can also find them by visiting Collection Development Documents > Electronic Resources > Contracts & License Agreements


Gov Docs of the Month

February 15 is Susan B. Anthony Day! Check out these resources from the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.

Protecting the Right To Vote: Best and worst practices 2019

Report on voting rights and election administration in the United States of America 2019


Happy Valentine's Day!

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