Earth,Seasons,Moon By,Darius

Nile river-It is located in Africa,and is the longest river in the world.

Rotation(day)-it's the spinning motion of an planet on it's axis.

Revolution-Is the movement of an object around a another object.

Calendars-It indicates where the position of earth on its revolution around the sun.

Seasons-It is the 4 periods of the year (winter,spring,summer, fall).

Earth's tilt-The reason earth has seasons because earth's axis is tilted and moves around the sun.

June-the end of earth's is tilted toward the sun.

December-In the southern hemisphere receives more sunlight than the northern hemisphere which is winter for them.

March-The vernal equinox, or spring occurs around march 21 in the northern hemsisphere

September- The autumnal equinox occurs september 23.

Moon motion around earth and on it's axis-The moon rotates around the earth with its own axis.

Phases-The phases on the moon show bright from the sun sunlight reflecting off the moon.

Solar eclipses- a solar eclipses is when the moon blocks the sun.

Lunar eclipses- a lunar eclipses is when the sun blocks the moon.

High tide-is when the tide is at its highest level in a specific time and place.

Spring tide-It occurs when the moon is new or full.

Neap tide-It occurs when twice a month when the sun and moon are right angles to the earth.

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