Reform Movement Kaelyn Mack and Isabella Gutierrez block 7

Foundation of reform

In the mid 1800's series of reforms spread across the country. American felt like they could change things for better. Americans resolved issues like,abolishing slavery, women's rights, and improving education. One main movement was the Second Great Awakening which empathized the roll of individuals. The goodness of man was quite believed in so this was calledTranscedentalism. Events through this time of politics served a motivative to the public.


In the 1800s a growing number of Americans both black and white spoke up against slavery. It all started the the revolutionary era, where a lot of inhuman treatment was around and maybe aboulitionist wanted to make a change. William loyd created the American Anti-Slavery Society. More of those that helped was Angelina Grimke, Sarah Grimke, Fredrick Douglass, etc.

Women's rights

Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton went to a antislavery convention and since they were women they were not allowed the right to speak up on what the believed. As they attended they appealed WHAT had witness about these inequalities. Women did not have many legal rights, such as voting, and holding office; also if hey owned land it would end up in their husbands hands if they were married or even divorced. These daughters of a judge decided to pass a law called " The Declaration of Sentiment". This brought equality to all women. Then soon after this was heard by states like New York and many others, states began to pass laws declaring women free and legal rights, nad other reforms.


Dorothea Dix was a Boston school teacher who decided to lend a helping hand to a close friend that was currently in prison at the time, with no one to help the child's education. She decided to create a Sunday school for children and adults who were in jail for either serious crimes and punishments or patients with mental illnesses. As she went to help these people, she noticed sick children and adults being chained up, starved, physical abuse scars, and even people being put in cages. After seeing this she was overwhelmed with fear and anger over the people letting this happen. A large number of these people were actually accused of only small crimes, like being unable to pay their taxes or debts, or either had a mental illness. After touring the gruesome prison, she field a report tot he state legislature. Soon after her file was received, mental health hospitals were built. People in prison were treated with respect and a injustice system was made for children.


The purpose of this movement was to ban alcohol because many people would blame their problems for it. They would blame the break up of families, crime, and mental illness. The repeal stated in Maine and spread and then in the 1800s it came back and strengthened.


In the 1800s, Horace Mann of Massachusetts led the common-school movement, which advocated for local property taxes financing public schools. Mann also emphasized positive reinforcement instead of punishment. Mann served as the head of the education in Massachusetts.Mann promoted locally controlled, often one-room "common schools" in which children of all ages and classes were taught together; later he introduced the age-grading system. Free public education was common in New England but rare in the South, where most education took place at home with family members or tutors. He spoke to citizens of Massachusetts about problems, like poverty and crimes. After speaking the citizens of Massachusetts opted to pay taxes, to build better schools, and to train teachers, and pay them higher salaries. Manns ideas spread nationwide for all children to be offered he same edjucation. The next problem that came with this was WOMEN and YOUNG GIRLS being able to go to high school and college.


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