Frida kahlo By: haSIM aDAMS

Frida kahlo is from the great strets of , Coyoacán, Mexico. She was born and raised here but not only that, she has spent her last moments here and this is where she resides until this day. (1907-1954)

At the age of eighteen Frida expireneced a Bus crash and survived but this is significant because all her work is mostly inspiredfrom this Buscrash and made her decide to paint herself because she knows herself best. She suffered from fatal injuries such as a iron hand drill impailing her pelvis and fracturing the bone. Once again this has created character for her and her paintings.

Fridas art work is to portray the message that you are your best subject and who knows you better than yourself. Not only that but to give praise to yourself so that if your down you have a way to let things go which is through art. She wants people to embrace theirselves and express their self through an art piece which has meaning that connects to their own life.

All the paiintings in here are some of Fridas most famous art pieces and they show meaning to all the events that happened in her life and how she felt, Dealt, or reflected on them.

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Hasim Adams

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